Friday, May 03, 2013

And My Vote Goes To.. (Malaysia General Elections)

Malaysia's General Elections is just round the corner.. happening this 5th May 2013. After a rather long wait (for some/ many), finally we Malaysians will get to cast our votes!

Now, initially I thought I wouldn't share about the elections since this blog is not political.. but well, beloved Malaysia is something close to heart... so, well just a bit can-lah heh :)

So, what are the points that you will consider when casting your vote?

For me, there are a few issues that may effect my vote:
1. Anti racism & using religion as issue

I want a country that people are not racist. That's like a real fantasy right. But, honestly, too many remarks by political figures about race and religion irks me. I do not need to quote anyone, but Malaysians who read the news will get my point.

Surprise surprise to the country dubbed as Truly Asia, racism and religion issues rings loud in this country.

Can we clean the country up? Shake up the policies, education system and whatever other system to reduce the bad mouthing? And then, we can talk bout integration and unity?

*On a side note, my previous business have been in a way affected by certain policy before.. which sad to say even got my then Malay staffs got shocked.

2. Progress
I want a government that wants a more progressive nation. A government that vision is to bring Malaysia to developed nation status. A government that can bring Malaysia to greater heights - elevating the people. Just like what the South Koreans did.

Yes, I know the South Koreans are a miracle lot. They've got Samsung - an Asian company to rival Apple from USA.. on a global platform. Seriously, think bout it.

And with such good economy, just look the ripple effect it has on the media and tourism industry in South Korea. How many of your friends want to visit South Korea, or have already been there? There.

Owh yes, how I wish Malaysia is like that... too!

But like the Adidas tagline "Impossible is nothing". And Malaysia with all it's now famous tagline... "Malaysia Boleh" (Malaysia Can), can we live up to the phrase?

3. Lower Cost Of Living
Living in the city can be costly. As a middle income KL-ite, the things that I find expensive are - high internet bills, expensive food, rather costly transportation (toll and at times, parking) and expensive gadgets (okay, I'm part geek!).

Owh, and did I mentioned - housing too. I'm one of those 'younger generation' Malaysians who are in a way trapped in the housing issue.. where the prices of landed property are beyond reach (for now at least). And even condominiums are getting expensive.

I know many Malaysians my age and younger face this same issue. Well many - if not for the Mummy and Papa's piggy banks. And this issue is clearly shown in this infographic below. Malaysia - #1 Digital Property Advertising Business in Malaysia
Created by Iproperty MY, the number one website in Malaysia. Whether you have a house for sale or are looking to buy.

4. Stronger Ringgit 

I think this relates to cost of living and the economy.

I personally want a stronger ringgit cos:
i. I would like to travel.. more. To go visit these 1st World countries like the USA and Japan, and don't have to spend years saving for it!
ii. "Lower cost of living" when comparing Dollar to Dollar. Buying food for example is cheaper when in overseas if you earn overseas dollars. I wish that can be done here. That's why our salary.. is like never enough :(

So, let come 5th May come. I can't wait to cast my vote!

May the true honest party win - and then SERVE the people of the nation!

Jom Undi!


  1. Yea, totally agree, less corruption for me too! stronger currency so can go travel <<< me likey :D :D

  2. lower price of daily essentials,
    salt, rice, and petrol, and car too.


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