Thursday, May 16, 2013

How I Celebrated Mother's Day 2013

It's not often that I spend time with my mum.. with her being in hometown Malacca, and me here in KL.

While we do meet up every month or so, but still.. that never seems enough. Weekends are always short!!

So, when Mother's Day came.. I thought I'd spend some time with mum. The idea was simple - to just spend time :)

And so, I went back to hometown Malacca on the Saturday. This is quite something for me, as I was just back in Malacca the previous weekend for voting. And to go back again is quite unexpected for me!

But, well I (surprisingly) did :)

The first thing we did on Mother's Day was to go to the temple and we then went to buy some pineapple tarts. I know these has nothing much to do with Mother's Day, right...

We then headed for lunch at this newly discovered restaurant, Baboon.. which is located in Hereen Street (aka Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock). 

This to me, was the highlight.. as it was the "Mother's Day" lunch for us.. though it's just burgers. But well, good burgers at a very lovely restaurant it was!

After lunch, we went back home to rest (Malacca weather is as always - hot!). 

Then in the early evening, we went for a movie. I've already watched all the blockbusters currently showing.. except for Star Trek. So, we went to watched this movie. 

I've never been much of a Star Trek fan, and well.. this movie kinda confirms it - for it's always bout the ship! It wasn't bad but just not in my favourite list. Mum however seemed to enjoy it more, so that was good. 

Post movie, was time for dinner. We tried going to one of the Japanese restaurants mum wanted to go, but that was full. In fact, lots of restaurants were full on that day. Wonder if it was because it's Sunday, or because it's Mother's Day or many tourist just haven't left the city!

But anyway, we just headed to one of the other nearby restaurants.. and it happen to be this Taiwan inspired restaurant. Which btw has a logo of cute Polar Bears as its theme.

The food was pretty standard - "Taiwanese" style. I kinda enjoyed it but this time round, mum wasn't so into it though.

Then it was back to home. And before going to bed, we had mum's own cooking of white fungus (and more) dessert. It was a nice ending to Mother's Day.

This wasn't a big day with lots of events or something really fanciful, but I enjoyed this day.. having spent my time with mum. Maybe, I might just consider going back Malacca more often? :)

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