Monday, May 13, 2013

KL's Best Burger: My Burger Lab!

I love burgers. And tell me a good burger joint, and I'll definitely go try it out.Well, so the story goes for the oh-so-popular My Burger Lab.

The thing is, this “fast food” restaurant has been opened close to a year now.. but it took me a while to visit it. Stories of its long queue just puts me off.. no matter how much I've heard bout it.

But well, time has passed.. and I thought it was a good time to visit the restaurant.

And well, secondly, my friend, an avid food lover “swears” by this burger joint.

So, when he invited me again - I knew I jumped on board. 

The time to meet was 430pm, half an hour earlier than the opening time. To him, it's better to queue before the opening than once it's opened. 

And he is right. We were lucky to be the 3rd group in queue. Soon, the queue started to form.. all the way from the shop to a few rows down. 

And at about 5pm sharp, the "gates" were opened.. and we started to queue behind the counter. The mistake we made - we kinda forgot to "book" a seat.. and soon tables were being filled up. But lucky us, we managed to squeze with some fellow burger fans. 

Btw, there's a host of burgers listed on the menu.. but the popular one is probably Beef The Hulk and Popular Mess. The names already sound good, right? :)

All of us added RM6 for fries and bottomless soda (self service). 

Honestly, I couldn't wait to eat them burgers. I just wanted to see how good the burgers were.. with the queue plus my friend's recommendation already confirming that this should be good.. But the question is how good? 

And so, the burgers came, and I sinked my teeth into those black buns (chracoal buns). And OMG, it is really good!

The meat is tender and juicy. The buns are soft. And added with cheese, the rather simple dish.. is simply the bomb!

I got to admit, my curiousity is answered. My Burger Lab deserves its tagline to be the best burger joint in KL... even better than my previous review of Malaysia's best Ramly burger

And that comes from one who eats quite a fair bit of burgers around the city. But hey, don't just trust me.. why not check it out yourself? :)

Very satisfied burger fans!
My friend Mark who introduced My Burger Lab, with gf. 

For me - I can't wait to go back again. Those burgers are tempting!!

14, Jalan 21/22, SeaPark, 46300 PJ, Selangor. 
Opens Tuesdays - Sundays, 5-11pm. 

*They state on the website that the burgers are from grass fed Australian beef. Don't other beef come from grass fed too? :)


  1. yup there are good, but I wouldn't go there that often.. still amazed with its positive response till today :)

  2. Been hearing lots of compliments about this place, will definitely try this place out soon ;)


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