Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kraze Burger (Singapore) Review

Kraze Burgers has long queues and full tables. The interior is pretty decent too (not lavishly decorated but ok) and they have rather well designed menus.

All these to make me assume that this should be a good burger joint.

But oh, how wrong I was about this burger joint that originates from Korea!

While the burgers look close as those from the menu, but the taste is blend.

And that's quite shocking. For not that cheap burgers (prices above SGD10, averaging around SGD16), having queues and being full house.. something seems really wrong here.

But I'm not alone. My 3 other friends with me felt the same. If not for the company, this would be a rather disastrous outing.. except for the extra side dish we ordered - the fries.

Now that was above average though a bit too lil to "save" this place. I mean, a burger joint should be known for its burgers first, no?

I guessed I feel kinda disappointed, and "cheated" in some ways. I still don't get it on the queue - doesn't Singapore have good burgers? Or is it just a "Singapore thing" - to queue.. for everything?

Sorry, Kraze Burgers for this negative review. I rarely review places that are not nice usually.. but I felt there's so much more you can offer. But till then, I'll probably not go back - long queue or otherwise..

*10 Bayfront Avenue
#B2-55 Marina Bay Sands
Tel: 66887844

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