Thursday, May 09, 2013

Malaysian Tsunami (Pakatan Rally)

My black tee.. for the night!
The 58 Ubah (Black 505) carnival like gathering yesterday was awesome!

Friend, Ben CMX and me - our first time attending such a rally
I sat with fellow Malaysians of different races and ages from youngsters to even the older generation.. all of us listening and cheering the speakers as they came one by one on stage.

The crowd was massive. We sat in the middle of the field!

Full of Malaysians, of all races, religion and background.. young and old!!
Malays who sat beside me. Cheers :)

Many big names gave their speeches including Rafizi, Nurul Izzah, Lim Kit Siang and of course Anwar Ibrahim!

The speakers of all Pakatan parties spoke mainly in our Bahasa Kebangsaa, with some English. They mainly shared the fraud issues that happened, and the need to elect a winning government - one that has won the Rakyat's popular vote!

The crowd has been very supportive and responsive, cheering with the MC and them.. to the words like "ubah", "reformasi", "ini kalilah", etc.

Before dispersing, the huge crowd (some estimate 50000-65000) sang the national anthem together!

The post event was just as great - I met some friends and took photos with fellow Malaysians - some in "masks", some holding banners, many in black tees.

Bumped into my Indian friends. Like his tee!
Someone grabbed my shoulder in when in the field, giving me a shock (was thinking it was gonna be a fight).. but no lah, it was my friends!! :)
At the end before leaving, a Malay guy came up to me and friend.. shook our hands and said "I have Chinese friends". Nice gesture :)

Pakatan Rakyat may not have "won" to form a new government, but if there's one thing in this whole GE.. Is that it has brought us Malaysians even much closer than before.

Personally Pakatan Rakyat can take credit for that. Just see the turnout that supported them!!

They don't need slogans with mega advertising but instead just pure intentions to help Malaysians of all races!!

To that - I say, Syabas!!

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