Tuesday, January 03, 2012

And So Comes 2012!

2011 has passed.. so has all the countdown, booz and parties!

And now, we are already in 2012!

But before we move on, I think the question to ask is "How was 2011 for you?".

That's one question I've been entertaining the past few days.. I know should have done this in the end days of 2011 but it was such a busy year end (at least till I was in Phuket! Hehe).

Anyway I've been reviewing my goals and resolutions achieved.. and those that I missed.. Giving credit (pat on my own shoulder for the goals accomplished!) and looking at what could have been done better (to achieve the missed goals).

And just like the past years.. next was to write the New Year resolutions! :)

I've just completed them (like just just! Haha!!). Anyway, I still need to review them to make them totally sync :)

And while I usually don't share my resolutions, but here's 2.. Trip to Japan!!! And the success of the web series Summer Love!!!

Owh, and finally.. Here's my New Year greetings :)

To those who had a rough year last year, here's wishing a Brighter year ahead!

And for those who have had a good year, may this year be just as great, if not better!

Keep believing! :))

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