Monday, January 30, 2012

Still On CNY And A Lil Vday!

It may seem weird that while I went back for the Chinese New Year, but it also seemed like a 'food holiday' of sorts.

Well, what can I say? But take that away and the hometown will be all different..

Anyway, I decided to have the putu piring on the last night. I still remember buying from this Aunty and Uncle after my tuition.. nothing has changed much from the shop. The putu piring is still 'the best ever'.. tho the price has gone up like 3 fold.

On Sat morning, I had wanted to eat some Nyonya nasi lemak but alas the shop is closed.. 6 days into the New Year. And one would have thought they'd cash in with the influx of visitors.

But well, like some say 'money ain't everything'.

So instead I had a rather popular dish too - the Taiwan pork noodles (towards the end of Jln Gajah Berang). This time round, I also had the pork throttle since I came in early.

My final meal in Malacca was homecooked by mum. No matter how busy she is, she always find time to cook when we children return.. and this was the meal filled with sambal prawns and ayam goreng lada.

In the evening, I was ready to leave Malacca.. back to home - Pea Jay! There were many goodies to load into the car - as mum packed bak kwa, oranges and cookies.

Then into the player went this soundtrack CD - You Are The Apple Of My Eye (which movie I'm very inspired by btw).

And soon I was home!

The next day tho being the 7th Day of the Chinese New Year.. was quite a 'low key' affair for me. Owh but I did have the birthday noodles tho (soup mee sua to be exact).

And in the night I headed down to Kay El for some yong tau foo.

There, I took this shot. And then it dawns on me Valentines Day is near! Owh I had better start planning! :)

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