Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back Hometown & Happy CNY!

Some close to me will know I hardly go back to the hometown.. the jam to, in and back is one big reason. Plus, yeah, I love being in Pea Jay/ Kay El!! Haha!!

But then it's the Chinese New Year, and yeah I am back Malacca!

While at first I have expected a quiet and boring trip back, but so far.. it has been rather good!

I've already started the CNY dinner with relatives.. 8 course meal with shark fins and all!

Oh ya then there's also the reunion dinner - some yummy Nyonya dishes.. Sedapnya!! Haha!

And I also went to Jonker Walk on the eve till countdown.. something I would have never thought doing - thinking it was very teenager! But at Jonker I was!

And owh ya, to the temple I went to pray too - right at midnight :)

Now apart from the CNY stuff, the other happy moments here - seeing this doggie which didn't bark at me for the 1st time.. I think it's also in the CNY mood haha!

Then there's the visit to the night market.. which I always enjoy.

Oh and yeah, kampung eggs for breakfast.. which mum prepared! So syiok!!

And all these happened in slightly over 36 hours! I wonder what's in store got the week!!!

Happy Chinese New Year, all! Have one blessed one :)

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  1. Happy Chinese New Year~~ wishing you to have a wonderful Dragon Year~~~ XD

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..


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