Friday, January 06, 2012

The After Haircut (Biolyn)

What usually happens a few weeks after your hair cut?

Especially if you are a guy with short hair?

My experience with some was.. the hair would grow into a round Afro like hair ball!! Which only means.. time for the next haircut!!

But so far, my haircut at Biolyn Hair Spa two weeks back is still pretty alright (check the pics I took at Phuket).

Anyway, that sure is a good thing..!! (cos I hardly cut my hair except after every few months! :) ).

Owh btw I've also been trying the lotion that they gave in their goodie bag. It says it's suitable for the face and body.. firming it.. be it you are a guy or girl!

Some sort of magic potion!! Haha!!

While I still think its a lil early to comment on the effectiveness of it (apart from the radiant look it gives aftrr applying it), but I'm sure it helps in one way or rather in 'stopping time' and make us remain.. young!! Haha!

*I'm not sure if this hairdo can last all the way till the CNY, though I do hope so! :)

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