Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My 450 Baht Seafood Story

Ok so we rented the car in Phuket. Now with a car, we couldn't not drive it right?

So what we thought why not take the car for a spin.. to the other part of Phuket for some seafood.. while at the same time for some jalan jalan too.

So from the hustle of Patong beach, we hopped onto the car and headed south.

All the while I knew we were shot of Thai Baht.. but thought that the other area would most probably have some money changers too! Wrong!!

We ended up in the quieter part of Rawai beach. Unlike bustling Patong with all the money changers and restaurants around, this was more like a fishing village.. quiet and serene.

There was only 1 stretch of restaurants, and we ended with one by the sea.

It's a lil laid back and guests have an option to sit on the floor to dine.

The next thing to do after settling down was to look at the menu.. knowing very well that a full seafood dinner was out of the question.

Hence came the questions like "this.. how much is it?".. "how bout that then?". All the while keeping check with the monies in the wallet.

But while we didnt order a real seafood dinner but in the end, it was still rather decent - with Tom yum, fried pork, and phad Thai. Owh and one fried fish too!

The food was okay.. won't go gaga over it. But wasn't bad either. Just that maybe a drive this far may not have been that 'worth it', minus the jalan jalan to another part of Phuket.

Anyway, finally the bill came, and as expected it was within our budget. And to top it off, it came with some smiling face too!! Haha!!

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