Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Chinese New Year 2012!!

So I mentioned on how this Chinese New Year is different. Well, it truly is.

The first - it's the 1st time in years that I'm spending so much time here in Malacca. But very surprisingly, I'm far from being bored!

I've done my share of spending time with relatives - including eating the very yummy homemade Nyonya popiah made by my aunt.

Now ask a fussy Nyonya - and you'll know why eating this is heaven.. the ingredients are finer, and the popiah skin is different too!

Owh talk about food - I have had a fair share here while back in Malacca.. like the Nyonya cendol (from Kenny's Delight), Filipino cuisine - yeah one of my fav food!! (at Laguna Restaurant), and Malacca's wan tan mee (which Malaccans always prefer ehem ehem).

Now apart from the good food, I've also visited the house I took photo with (in my Batik Inspirations book). The place is now all restored and turned into a museum. But that beautiful staircase remains :)

Owh and I've also been doing some iPhone photography - shooting with the iPhone and then using different apps to get some cool effects.. even poster like!!

And finally, apart from all the business.. I managed to find time to read some book.. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid to be exact. Yup, just me and my book, and getting some inspiration.. for how such a simple book can be an international bestseller.. with cute (but not far fetched) drawings. Something Id like to explore!

Which you can already notice that I've done some comics with the Pepper & Salt.. and yea for now, they kinda follow me wherever I go! Haha!!

So to this Dragon Year, it's been pretty cool so far! Yay!!

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