Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It's About Time: The BIG Bibik & The Little Nyonyas Episode 1

The amount sleepless nites & days, the running around with heart stopping moments, and additional white hair is finally paying off.

To the full team from joint partner Nick (Annonymous Productions), director Kenny Wong, cast - Kenny Chan (as the BIG Bibik), Vanessa Hee, Charlene Meng & Michelle Ng (the Little Nyonyas), crew (production & post production), fellow supporting partners - make up artist: Justin Lim (Style House), photographers: Christopher Lee & Adamgrapher (Life Tale Studio), Kebaya wear: Sherman (Toko Ce' Ros) & the management of Globallon Apartments - here's a VERY BIG THANK YOU!

To everyone else, do enjoy this first episode... and spread the video to as many friends possible :)


  1. Congrats QuaChee! Will mention about this in my blog soon : )

  2. Watching it right now Quachee! OMG! Finally! I am really happy for you Quachee. Congrates. :)

  3. This is so hilarious. I am so happy to watch this clip Quachee. I used to watch the baba nyonya series when I was younger. :)

  4. HUGE Thank You to you QuaChee!
    Thanks for having me on the team!
    It was great fun working with everyone!!
    Hope to work with you again soon!

  5. hi Quachee, will watch this at home this evening.. u can bet on that.. now in office, no clipping videos allowed.. they r all blocked... darn..
    anyway, all the best to U!

  6. wow... i like the big bibik...funny =p

  7. Qua Chee, there is only one verdict from me... it is darn good!!! The Big Bibik acting very well and funny. However, i think the individual close-up shoot of the fabulous dishes can be further improve by making the angle wider and brighter. It is just my 2 cents opinion ;)

    Looking earnestly for the next episode.

  8. hey all thanks for all the good wishes and feedback. its been very encouraging. and glad you guys enjoyed it :)

  9. Congrats!!! Since I fall in love with Little Nyonya series, I do like this comedy. May I share the link on my facebook?

  10. @indonesia-eats
    thank you. and yes, pls do :)


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