Monday, October 10, 2011

Remembering Steve Jobs

He came, he saw, he conquered. That's how I'd summarise Steve Jobs.

steve jobs

He saw the missing link in the music industry - and he fixed it. He saw what was the problems with handphones, and created one cool product for that.

And all these by a guy who wasn't from these industries at all. That's what inspires me. That he believes in what he does, has a vision for them, and made history happen... that despite the many people who didn't believe him initially.

I still remember a time when newspapers were reporting other CEOs from other phone companies brushing off the iPhone as a toy and that it will not succeed. But look at what it has done to the phone industry & the way we communicate. Oh, and make it cool along with it.

As a budding entrepreneur, he sure is an idol to look upon for his success & how he persevered to succeed - and succeed big! To be at his level, impacting lives, and making a difference in them - this is like nearly every other entrepreneur's dream.

steve jobs

But that's not all - the fact that Steve came from a humble background, was a school dropout, and someone who has been kicked from the own company he formed.. this is also the other side that I'm inspired about him. That he is also like any other human, like you & me.

And the fact he survived all those to create products after products that makes the earth stops moving when it's launched.. like the Mac, the iPod, the iPhone & the iPad.

So when his passing came along last week, sad I was. Like many, I will remember him for his creations to the world, and for the entrepreneur he was.

RIP, Steve Jobs.

A very inspiring speech by Steve Jobs which I believe everyone - entrepreneur or not, should watch & listen  :)


  1. i still remembers when iPad just launched...the majority said that it was a useless piece of shit while me wondering what can it actually do...right now, we have the majority all wanting a piece of the device..


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