Monday, October 17, 2011

Merry Early Christmas!

I've mentioned before that I'm currently learning piano. And just a few days back was my 2nd lesson!

Okay, I'm gonna say this again.. I'm still awed by the fact that I'm able to learn (and play.. ehem ehem) the piano! Oh yeah!

Btw, in this 2nd lesson, I have learnt to play the piano with 2 hands - whoooa!..!! Oh and the song - Jingle Bells! How appropriate since I love the Christmas season much!

Christmas, sure comes early this year!! :)

Btw, video edited with Final Cut Pro - thought I'd combine both skills into 1 :)


  1. LoL! So CUTE! That's the.. err... 'BEST' Jingle Bells ever played! Bravo! Clap clap!

  2. Love how u paused and think.. paused and think :D hahaha...


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