Monday, October 17, 2011

3 Factors And 1 Competition: Tri Factor!

I've said it before, and I'd say it again. Malaysia sure has got talents :)

And it's nice to know the many things happening around the city promoting just that. One recent one I got to know about is the Tri Factor competition.

The concept of the whole competition sure sounds pretty cool & unique. Teams of 3 will battle each other via 3 categories (Modeling, Fashion Photography & Fashion Design).

The Models

The Photographers

The Fashion Designers

The competition has seen its round of preliminaries and now it's time for the Grand Finals. And what better way to have some very cool Malaysian singers to perform for the event!

Amongst them... and the one that I'm looking forward to is non other than Malaysian Idol Winner, Jaclyn Victor!

The rest who are there include Nadia Heng, Eleen Yong & Iqwal.

This sure looks to be one exciting night & I do look forward to it! :)

*For those keen on the event, you can get the tickets for the grand finals can via Alison (014 6466254).

*The Tri Factor Fanpage is at

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