Thursday, October 20, 2011

Your One So Hard One Ah?

This conversation happened sometime last week, and I thought I'd just share this.

Person: Hey why your one so hard one ah?
Me      : Err...
Person: Usually people's one softer. Yours very hard ah.
Me      : Issit? Hmm...
Person: You touch mine. You see.
Me     : (pressing) Oh, yeah huh. Well, I don't know lah, mine is always this hard anyway..
Person: Yeah, err... good for you...!

I guess many might wonder what conversation is this.. but hey, this actually happened in the iPhone specialist repair shop (yeah, my iPhone hanged just after a few days after Steve Job's passing - call that coincidence or what?).

And the person in that conversation was referring the hardness to the round home button on the screen (what were u thinking?) :)

How bout you iPhone users - how hard is yours? And I mean that home button. Hahaha!


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