Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm On A (3 Weeks) Break!

Okay, so while I write this, I'm already in my very first week of my break. And I'm sooooo enjoying it!

But first let me say that I know that I'm (sooo...) lucky!! Well, especially so in Malaysian context.. Like, how many working people actually get to go for such a break, huh? This ain't Australia, right? (On a side note, no wonder so many Malaysians wanna migrate to Australia!).

So what have I been doing so far? Enjoying life that is, and enjoying the moments!

american dad

One of them - sleeping in! And doing nothing except exercising the eyes. Yeah, like staying in bed & watching one of my favourite (adult) cartoons - American Dad!

g tower swimming pool

The other thing that I've been having fun with is swimming at the pool with this beautiful view of the twin towers!

Got this G Tower Hotel gym membership from one of those discount voucher sites (Groupon if not mistaken), and I must say this 1 month 'trial' is really a pleasure - not so much for the gym per say, but the pool!

fish head beehoon

Taking my time to think of what nice to eat (and not just eat anywhere cos it's convenient) - that's another thing that I've been doing. Like this lunch today - one of the best (if not the best) fish head beehoon that I've ever eaten (@ Soon Soon Pan Mee & Fish Head, Damansara Perdana).

summer love webisode
This is the old logo. Stay tuned for a 'revised' version :)
And oh yeah, working on my passion/ interests & dreams..!! Yeap, Summer Love the webseries is now revived (finally!). Lots happening behind the scene now (ie planning & meetings!), and that kinda fills my hands apart from the other leisurely stuff.

Oh, there's more. I'm also digitalising all my CDs - copying them into the computer. Done a bit the other day, but there's so much more (like really a lot more!) to go! Realised I have some unopened ones (ooops!).

So happens that the Travel fanpage (Travel Khaki) I'm doing also features Taipei. Haha!

Last but not least, planning for my holiday. And err.. after thinking through, I'm going to one of my top 3 favourite cities.. Taipei! Oh yeah!

I can't wait (that's happening towards the end of the 3 weeks). But wait, let me enjoy the other moments too! Ah.... life. How I wish this won't end.. Hahaha! :)

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