Saturday, January 19, 2008

Inspiring Dream: Travel The World On Motorbike

This is my very first post on people who has lived their dreams, or are currently pursuing them.

Srinidhilv, who hails from Bangalore, India, and his passion about motorcycles, traveling and environment has lead this journalist to start his journey of touring South Asia, which is part of his 5 year long year plan to travel the world.

The South Asia trip which he first started in 3 December 2006 was the first phase of his 9 parts of his world tour. He divided the world into 9 parts to make this dream of travel possible.

His whirlwind journey takes him to various places & meeting all kinds of people. He visits the temples, mosques and lots of ancient buildings... waterfalls and villages - basically understanding the true way the people lived and the purest way to know the countries.

As with every dream, he too do have some hiccups along the way as well. One of them, to abandon coming to South East Asia because of immigration problems costing a delay of 9 days in his trip. And there is also the issue of costs & finding sponsors.

However, the end result is still a fruitful one, where with help of Sponsors both from his country & supporting countries, he has lived his dream of part of his first leg tour.

Currently he is taking a break before he resumes his next leg soon :)

More on his journey at

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  1. thanks for the recommendation. read some and will continue to finish all. how i wish i could be so too. however, i'm not only dreaming but do take action to fulfilling it. hope the day is not faraway.


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