Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chinese New Year Plants

As the Chinese New Year approaches, one of the more visited places apart from the supermarkets would definitely be the nurseries.

Just like the Christmas tree for Christmas, plants are closely related to the Chinese New Year. What makes it more interesting is that each plant has its own meaning of good fortune.

I've been visiting the nurseries as well for plants this coming Year Of The Rat. The greens, reds & orange (kamquats) are very refershing & interesting, especially to find out their meanings.

The garden filled kamquats which sounds like gold (& of course its orange golden colour) - hence symbolise prosperity.

The pineapple shaped plants which in translated from 'ong lai' or 'wang li' - luck come! :)

The ever popular pussy willows or 'yin liu' in Mandarin, which represent the invitation of abundant luck and prosperity into homes.

According to the shop person, this plant means 'kai xing guo' - happiness.

The reds which is good luck for the Chinese.

Something about smooth sailing in 1 direction.

There are many other plants with its meanings like the cherry blossoms or the also very popular money trees. Well, if you haven't bought yours yet, there's still time to head down to the nearest nursery and get some meaningful plants of green, orange (gold) & reds! :)


  1. I love to buy plants during chinese new year, but not now. Those days are over. The plants would not last, lasting plants will end up at the corridor after Chinese New year. Everything getting so expensive, price hike, got to save money. Money hard to earn!! You lucky to be in Msia, things not so expensive.

  2. Hi Peace, agree things are getting pricier. Shopping at the supermarkets, I can already see bout 20-30% increase in some items. But I guess one has gotta buy what ones gotta buy :) (Oh btw, don't think things are cheaper in Malaysia - if earning in RM) :)

    As for the plants, I guess its my first time doing so, so its all very exciting for me :) In fact Ive been 'collecting' a lil bit prior in Dec after my trip to Cameron. Those are not New Year plants, but just plants with flowers. Though I agree, it can be a seasonal fad like the Christmas tree! (hope mine doesn't) haha :)

  3. hi there! thanks for dropping by :)
    chinese people, especially the superstitious ones, treat these plants as a must-have thing during cny, believing that they can bring luck in the coming year. and more often than not, most nurseries will sell these plants in a hiked-up price coz they quite sure people will still get these plants. but for few years, i did get myself the pussy willows to be placed at my home =D

  4. heya calvin just wondering how are the plants coming along now? :)


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