Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Inspiring Book Review: Fashion Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones and 'Anonymous'

Fashion Babylon does well at aiming to show the behind-the-scenes of the fashion world, which is done in a story form. It revolves around the fast-paced lives of an independent fashion designer and her business partner, who races for their collections for 2 seasons... and also their dreams & hopes of becoming big someday.

In the 6 months of their lives, they encounter the many different players in the industry - fellow independent designers, the big labels, models, celebrities and up to show & shoot crews. All these encounters gives insights on how the industry work - the good and the bad. And the very challenges the designers & models face to succeed. The insights on the different shows in London, New York and Milan is an added bonus, showing the differences of the industry in the 3 fashion cities.

This light & easy-to-read book makes an interesting read for those who want to know more of the fashion industry - for career/ business or just the fashion enthusiasts who want to know how the industry works.

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