Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Cheap But Cool Taiwan Jacket

Two years back, I remember visiting one of Taipei's most popular night market - the Shilin Night Market. I had a good memory of the place because it do have quite nice items, and if lucky, one can get some good deals.

(the road beside the night market)

So, when I came back again this time round, I visited the night market on my first night. I didn't had much in mind to buy..

Most of the time, I just walked past the shops, with lil intention of buying anything, but then I heard this rather unbelievable deal. A guy was using a speaker
shouting that his shop is selling jackets at NT180!
I couldn't believe what I heard and asked him about what he just said.. and he said yes, it's true!

With such pricing, I thought to myself that I just had to get one, or two! So, in I went and browsed the jackets. Initially, I thought the jackets didn't suit me.. and most likely is the reason they are throwing the prices.

But after a bit more browsing, and a few tries.. I actually got one that I think is rather cool!

And here, me with the new jacket - which I started wearing the very next day (hey, where else can we wear a jacket anyway? hehe)

Yeah, I kinda like this jacket lots - one for its design, and of course, for its cheap pricing! Took a few other shots with it - and here is one of them too (yeah, I know its cam-whoring.. but oh well.. like I said, when else can I wear this jacket again? haha!) :)


  1. very yeng! suit u well! more leng zai dy! LOL!

  2. Wow, you look dashing!

    Hehe...as usual, you look good in whatever you wear, QuaChee.

    And this time, Caroline agrees with me. Haha... :P

  3. Only NT180? that's like RM18??!! Seriously cheap! And good looking! I mean the jacket :P

  4. yup that really suits you well.... well, it is not really on the price.... comfortability is what matters the most


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