Monday, November 01, 2010

Ni Hao, Taipei!

Well, saying ni hao might be a bit too late. As I've actually just got back from the capital of Taiwan, last night.

I've visited this city before, and have loved it... putting it together in the league of Thailand & the Philippines for best holiday destinations... so was ready on what to expect. Or maybe more.

I was overly excited, as this was my 2nd holiday trip this year after Krabi, and like nearly all my holidays, I had a great time! No, make that, a Super time!

And while it may seem a lil short in some ways, but the 5 days has been just AWE-some... great weather, cool places to visit, extra nice people and yummylicious food!

The trip has left me me very contented, inspired... & most of all, renewed my belief of going for my dreams..! :)

*More of the beautiful Taiwan trip, soon!


  1. welcome back..yeaap...taiwan is definitely a great place..enjoy my time over there as

  2. Yeah...welcome back home, QuaChee!^^ *Huggies*

    I love all the photos you posted in Facebook! They're awesome!

    Even though I haven't been to Taipei, Taiwan before, but through your photos, I got to feel a little bit of Taipei; its culture, developments, and the most I've enjoyed is its glorious food~ xP

    Thanks for sharing this with us, QuaChee! You're awesome! :D

  3. War...good lor you can go there. :D I love this picture of you posing with the scooter. very yeng o. :D

  4. blog visiting! long time hv not been to Taiwan. Nice series of portraits!


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