Sunday, November 07, 2010

Hello, Her Name Is Alice (And She Calls Me Hot!)

alice teh bloggerKnown blogger & avid reader, Alice Teh for a while now though we've yet to meet. Anyway, recently, she invited me to guest post on her blog, which she shares a lot of her passion of reading.

"You can talk about your book projects and insight on reading from a male's perspective."

I thought this was a cool invitation.. I'm on to share anything lil or much that I know with regards to the media industry.. and besides, she calls this segment as the Hot Guy Reads! So, hey, I can't pass this up! LOL!!

So, after I got back from Taiwan, I handed over my 'homework' (as Alice says).

If you'd like to read what I shared on the book industry and a lil bit more about myself & how I got involved in this book biz... head over to her blog: Hello, My Name Is Alice: Hot Guy Reads Books (And a Published Author!).

*Took bout 2.5 hours for the post, part of it came from "wanting to capture a shot of me & my books - in a unique, and hot way (ehem!!)"... tried many poses.. and this is the one I shared with her! :)

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  1. Hello QuaChee! Thanks for being such a good sport. You're definitely an inspiring person and I certainly want to meet with you one day. Keep up the great job and continue the be the wonderful person that you are. :D

  2. Wow...must be damn hot to Alice huh! :D War...this pose also needs a lot of time? :p

  3. @alice
    yes will be cool if we can meet up! :))

    no la, its her series thats called that.. Hot Guy Reads.
    the pose - ya damn long cos i tried many diff poses first eg holiding 2 books etc, then decided why not lay down with my books... :)

  4. Fuiyo.. those books are lucky to be able to go to bed with you :P

  5. Haha...I know what you did at night before you take those pictures.... :P

    Creative and it looks hot!

    Keep up the good work, QuaChee! ;D

  6. fuyooo! so yeng la d picture! gals can easily fall in love wit u especially ehem ehem. mwahahaha

  7. haha, the picture very seducive lar...*ahem *ahem...
    but why so blur one?


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