Saturday, August 25, 2007

Inspiring Movie Review: Ratatouille

I love good animated movies, and this is no exception. About an unordinary rat, Remy, who unlike his other family members & friends, adores food for its flavour & taste - and walks on 2 feet to not dirty his hands (a clean rat! haha)

He watches the cooking series on TV by his idol chef, Auguste Gusteau, and is inspired by his words 'Anyone Can Cook'.

Someway, the rat ended up in his idol's old restaurant where he (yes, the lil rat) becomes the main chef.

It's interesting to note how a lil rat can command the kitchen and the restaurant diners just by his passion for cooking. He turnaround the now not-too-popular restaurant around, by being able to create tasty delicous dishes.

If you love animated movies, this is an above-average one. The 3D effects are great especially in the kitchen where there are lots of action... And, this movie plays well with Paris being the backdrop.

I find this movie inspiring as it shows how Remy stood by his belief of wanting to help & contribute, and not succumbing to his colony to be simply ordinary and 'useless', and with lots of hate by the 'humans'. So instead of facing the pressures like what most people (or rats for that matter) would do, he instead showed his worth by helping the restaurant turn around.

Also seen here, Remy's passion (of cooking & good food) which brought him to his dreams. Said by so many time and again, passion really is one of the key to success :)

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  1. Good for you! Able to see the message behind the movie. Guess one of these days, people should really go and see this show ya.
    Yeah, passion is the key to success.Hopefully we'll remember that when the going gets tough and feel like no strength to carry on. When workpiles increases and we lack the energy to carry on. "rest if you must, but don't you ever quit' ever heard of this quote. Meaningful and i guess at some point when we feel like giving up, just rest a while and get up again, gathering those passions once again and strive one more time! all the best!


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