Friday, August 24, 2007

Inspiring Movie Review: Hairspray

Hairspray revolves in a town in the 60's where this rather overweight girl, Tracy Turnblad who love to sing & dance, getting all the exposure & inspiration while watching a local television series.

As this is a small town, the show consisted of some students from her school, including one of the lead dancers, Link Larkin, whom she likes and eventually falls in love.

Of course, in all Hollywood style, she ends up on the show, and that is where the drama begins.

Well co-ordinated, wonderful music score, hence leaving no boring moments in between. And unlike other musical film (eg. Phantom), this had speech and was not all sing & songs only, which makes it much more fun to watch. The 60's setting was well done too, with puff up hair for the ladies too.

All the actors & actresses played their roles well - especially Nikki Blonsky. And nice surprise by John Travolta, wonderful character by Michelle Pfeiffer and the lovable Queen Latifah!

What makes this movie inspiring to me is that it shows that we can achieve our dreams despite our background, or where we come from, or even our current state. It's about being positive and just wanting to live the dream :)

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