Friday, August 10, 2007

Pleasant Humble Surprise

A few recent encounters have left me rather unamused. Some people Ive met have been rather rude while others have been rather boastful, blowing their trumpets - both online & offline.

So, when there was a meeting planned earlier this evening, I was a lil hesitated.

The schedule of the meeting 945pm - rather late, but I was thankful that the clients made time for the meeting after their work.

The meeting went on for slightly over an hour. The clients were very humble throughout, with no airs at all. I was bowled over by their friendliness and humbleness. What makes it more pleasant, they didn't expect any return at all.

And to end it, I didn't know that they have yet to have had their dinner! They really went all the way to give in - another pleasant surprise!

The meeting really left me inspired again that there are nice people around :)

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