Monday, March 04, 2013

Japanese Restaurant Review: Gyuichi Yakinku

Was talking to a friend on some good food.. and she immediately mentioned about this Japanese restaurant, Gyuichi Yakinku.

The way she described it was simple but very convincing "the food there is really good. You must try!".

And so I kept it at the back of my mind that someday I'll try this restaurant. So the other day, while I was in Sri Hartamas area, I thought I'd give this place a try.

The location is not hard to find (one of the shops behind KFC). And for parking - there's the next door building with ample space (this was on a weekday evening).

Now a place that highly recommended.. one would expect it to be busy. But surprise surprise - it's not! In fact me and my group of friends were the only customers initially.

Anyway, we continued to order the dishes. My friend recommended pork - a "must try". And so we ordered the Black Iberico pork!

We also ordered beef - which the restaurant is apparently famous for. But we didn't opt for the pricier wagyu beef but instead the more affordable Sukiyaki-style Karubi (short rib).

Along with it, we had bibimbap and an assortment of vegetables.

We BBQ-ed the meat on the hot stove. And they turned out really good. The beef - despite it being the "lower grade", was still awesome. So was the pork.

The meat by itself were good. But the "secret" to make it even tastier is to dip it into the concoction of soya sauce and egg that they provide.

Btw the bibimbap served as a good filling too while the vegetables went well with the BBQ dishes.

A good place to go for BBQ beef, and pork. The only setback - get prepared to pay a lil more.

But still, why not if you really are a fan of good BBQ!

3 Jalan 19/70A, Plaza Prisma Ville, Desa Sri Hartamas, KL

Tel: 03 6205 2233

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