Sunday, March 24, 2013

KL Nice Cafe: O'Coffee Club

What do you look for in a cafe? If you are like me - wanting a comfy ambience with good views from the inside, yummy desserts and nice food.. well then O'Coffee Club might be a right choice.

Like many places, I came to this cafe by chance. Well, the rather strategic location at the outside of Fahrenheit88 Mall, and being opposite Pavilion makes this a hard to miss place.

Personally, I love hanging out here. I love sitting on one of their sofas - which are all beside glass walls overlooking outside. This gives a nice view of the busy Bukit Bintang, and at some seats - overseeing the KL Twin Towers.

The to come for food here is probably the desserts - the ice cream cakes, to be exact. It's a big portion but on "greedy" days, I can finish it all.

That plus the views are one big pull factors for me.. in fact it can be the only reasons why I come here.

Though I must say, they do have a decently good selection of drinks - quite a unique range.

Then there is their starters and mains. I love the soup. It's so good and tasty.

Of the many mains they serve, I fancy their lobster spaghetti because it's a ill more unique. The rest of their dishes are okay or slightly above ok. But like I mentioned, I'm here not so much for the main dishes :)

Well, if you are visiting KL, and you are in no hurry in your trip.. O'Coffee Club might just be a good place to sit back and chill.. and that applies too if you are a local. Go for the desserts! :)

*I like this cafe much that I actually shot my webseries Summer Love: KL! here! 


  1. Nice looking dessert. The first pic is ice cream? Or is it cake? :D

  2. I love their foods too! Shall try out the desserts next time :D


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