Friday, March 08, 2013

Delicious BBQ Beef Rack Ribs (At Bubba Gump Shrimp Co Malaysia)

You know how some restaurants just seems so inviting that we just wanna try it out even though we don't know about the yumminess of it's food?

Well, for Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.. it's actually the opposite for me. I've passed by this restaurant numerous times in a few of their different locations ever since I came to KL a few years now.. but somehow never seemed to have stepped in. Well not till recently. And that so too after an invitation by a friend to try it out.

The outlet I tried is the one in Citta Mall. Now the layout is pretty American and does revolves a lot around the movie Forrest Gump with posters of the movie hung on the walls.

Being newbies here, we ordered the main highlights on the menu - one of them the BBQ beef back ribs, and the other the lobster linguini. These were accompanied by the soup of the day and drinks.

The lobster linguini was nice but not something I'd purposely come back for. However the BBQ ribs were really awesome.

Now some of you would remember that I've had some really good ribs in Bali. I thought that that was super yummy. And well, this has a close same standard, I'd say.

The ribs were cooked just right. They are soft and succulent. The sauce accompanying it is tasty too. Meat eaters will definitely love this.

Owh one thing I was informed by the servers at Bubba Gump is that they have this unique ordering system where one do not need to raise their hands when need assistance. Instead one just need to flip the boards on the table - as a signal to the servers.

The other unique thing I witnessed was a group of people from the next table who celebrated one of their friends birthday. The celebration by the servers were loud and well, igniting the fun to the group. The birthday girl.. an elderly lady, was requested to stand on the chair and dance. And to which she did!

I've never seen such before, and I'm sure the birthday girl must have been pretty happy and have had a unique birthday dinner.

So well - will I come back? Yes when I'm craving for some good ribs. Though well, prices at the Bubba Gump is on the higher side.

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