Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jalan Jalan KL In Summer Love: KL! Episode 3!!

Whenever we have to mention what Summer Love is all about... we say "Summer Love is a college love story. But apart from the love story, we also feature the hidden gems & good hangout places of the destination we shoot in".

That has always been our aim from the very start - embeding tourism into our story. In Episode 2, we have already featured a few cool cafes & makan places, and in Episode 3, we take a step further in promoting the hotspots in KL city!

As you can see in Episode 3, the 'new' couple - Mark & Tiffany travels around the hotspots in the city - from the likes of Chinatown, KL Tower, the Twin Towers, Little India and Petaling Street. While these maybe quite a norm for the locals, but it's aimed to give a glimpse to the tourists on what our city has to offer.

Now, all the 'jalan jalan' is done up 'in the air' through the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus!! Im sure that many KL-ites & PJ-ers will be rather surprised at this fact. So were we when we sat on the bus for the shoot!

The bus goes around the city and stops at all these places. You can hop-off to whichever place you feel like and once you are done, hop-on up again! In between, there is narration about these places - which is pretty useful for the tourists.

But well, here's the best part of it! You can 'jalan jalan' in style - on top of the double decker, in an open air concept.  Hey after all, Malaysia is Summer all year round.. so enjoy the sunshine with it!! :)

*Summer Love: KL! is done together with my partners at Our first destination is Kuala Lumpur, and after that hopes to expand to other cities :)

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  1. I have never tried a double decker before. Malacca has one too. Perhaps I should try. :D


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