Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kpop Song, A Dream Come True & Summer Love: KL! Episode 4!

2 years ago, I had a dream to produce 4 different genre songs and 4 accompanying MTVs.

It's cool how dreams work for that dream is realized this year through Summer Love: KL!.. something which I didn't quite expect for I've never put both the dreams (of song production & producing Summer Love: KL!) together when I was dreaming bout them!

While in the end, we only managed 3 songs, but they are still special. Especially so for this song.. "Me & You".

I still remember clearly that I wrote the lyrics for this song while in Bangkok earlier this year - in the Terminal mall to be exact. And then continuing it while at Bug & Bee Cafe.

It took me a bit of digging in of some sweet memories to get the lyrics out.. And so the song lyrics - like the other 2 songs, are personal too. Looking back, some of the words are rather commonly used by me!! Haha

But there's more to this song than just the lyrics.. well, it's the 1st lyrics for a song that I've ever written.. and it's for a kpop inspired song! Like wow!

Add that with a dance crew performing in the MTV, you get a very satisfied and happy QuaChee!! :D

*Me & You is the 2nd song featured in the Summer Love: KL! series. It's composed by Ben CMX. The dance crew is from Sole To Soul Dance Studio - the studio that I learn dancing from!!


  1. Me and you reminds me of Lee Home's song. :D

  2. The dance was very eye-catching. :D So you learn from the studio lar.


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