Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Hello Monash Students!

I want to share a nice experience I've had recently!

2 weeks back, I was in invited to give a talk to the exchange students in Monash University.

One of the reason is probably because the students use my book - the 50+1 Malaysia book as a reference in their 'immersion' course here. Well I'd like to say that the other reason is because I'm awesome! (joking!).

Anyway I think Ive traveled enough and also do immerse myself with the Malaysian cultures to be 'authoritative' enough to give the welcoming talk :)

So on that day, I headed to Monash University.. and what did I present? I covered our languages with an emphases on our unique Manglish, our different festivities, our good food, places of interests in both east & west.. from city stuff to nature, including the arts (performing theatres).

I think the students loved the Manglish side a lot - as I showed them how simple our English is. I gave the example:
Why didn't he tell that to me earlier? to
Why he no say?

I also spoke about the lah, the aiyo, the alamak! Under food I covered our must haves like the teh tarik, nasi lemak, roti canai and other food too! Places to travel - there are those like the usual suspects: KL Twin Towers, KL Tower, but also places like Niah Caves, Mt KK, Bukit Cahaya and Skybar (Yea, the view here is awesome!!). I also shared about our theatre venues from Istana Budaya to the 'lesser known' places like KLPac & Actors Studio.

All in all, it's a glimpse for them to our country .. Malaysia! :)

Btw this isn't my 1st talk - but then there's still that happy feeling I get while 'on stage'! :)

And it's nice to share about the country.. for after all it is still a nice place minus the political drama!

Hope I can do more talks soon.. definitely an area Id like to explore further!! :)

*Previously, I've also given talks to UITM and also for another batch of Monash students.

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  1. That's great! In no time these students will be having their 'lah' at the end of the sentences too :D


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