Monday, August 27, 2012

Flam's The Traditional French Pizza!

Last week, me & a few friends had pizza. While I've always thought pizza is more related as an Italian dish, but in downtown KL, there's a restaurant that's proudly French - and with its French pizzas.

This is Flam's.. located in the pub & bar road of Changkat Bukit Bintang!

The restaurant is 2 shop lots - one a restaurant and the other a bar. But both serves the same menu.

We started off with the tomato bruschettas - basically a 'healthy' dish of toasted bread topped with diced tomatoes & herbs.

Next was the country style salad which I loved! This came with bacon, mustard dressing that's not too heavy and topped with the really delicious half boiled egg - cooked to perfection!

Our 1st main dish is the roast chicken - which is rather juicy. Another thumbs up dish!

Finally we had the must try pizzas! We ordered our 2 pizzas that night, trying the chicken & pineapple pizza and also the pepperoni pizza wgich was glazed with egg (ooooo!!).

I guess what makes the pizza stands out is the thin crust - and like the waiter there says "You can easily roll it up to eat it".

I particularly like the chicken & pineapple one more between the 2 though both are nice. Well I've always loved Hawaiian pizzas anyway :)

We finished the dinner with the crème brûlée - which really was  a perfect end to the night!

Overall, this is a cool place to dine. The only drawback - the pricing here is a lil on the high side for some of the dishes.

But then again, if one is on a lil budget.. well, you can always choose what to have here. One can still have just the pizzas and dessert, the pricing is still rather 'yummy' value for money.

A place that I'd love to come back - especially for the pizzas! And probably just to chill when hanging out at Changkat Bukit Bintang!


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