Thursday, August 02, 2012

Summer Love: KL!.. The Part With The Sad Song (Remember The Time)

So in the 1st episode, the love story between Ben & Tiffany blossomed. And then, what happened after that? Well, here's what happened next.. in the 2nd video!

Btw, in this video, we also feature the sad song "Remember The Time" - composed by Ben CMX, sung by Kimmie Wong and yea, lyrics written by me (hehe!).

Just to share, we have been going to the recordings quite a fair bit of time for this song.

For one, the sounds from the music instruments are recorded one by one. Plus this is an emo song, so it takes a lil bit more to sing to the right pitch & mood.

But well, it's all here. And we hope you'll like it! :D

*We have learnt from our Video 1 about the sound issues. Hope this 2nd episode is better :D

 *The song in the video is the shortened version for the series :)

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