Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Updates On Malaysia Book

3 full lists have been done and by this week 2 more lists will be completed. That means by end of this week, we will have completed the write-ups plus photos for slightly more than half of the book.

More of the book being revealed, in accordance to the amount of work we've completed.

It has been a busy past few weeks. Most of my time have been spent on the idea creation. At times, I could spend the entire day just thinking (of course with a paper(s) and pen in hand) on the direction/ contents of this book. There is also a lot of research on my part as well. Basically, I'm going through a learning process of discovering the country (which I've learnt there's more to see than I've known there is - see Malaysia Is Beautiful). This is a huge workload, but that's because I really want this book to be unique, and something that can benefit the country in someway.

Another large chunk of my time is spent on the interviews and collection of photographs for the book. These include foreigners/ tourists who have traveled here, and also locals who travel around the country. Like I've mentioned before, we want to publish a book that is seen through their eyes. Though terribly busy, however, it has been quite a fun time. Some of them have been very friendly and courteous. There are many too (both local & foreign) who support such publication for the country (a pat on the back!) :)

Not to mention, the list of interviews with the 50+1 Malaysian personalities/ celebrities. I undertake most of the interviews myself, as I think I know what to ask best and also having had previous experience interviewing some of Malaysia top designers for my previous book, Batik Inspirations. So far, I've done a fair bit of interviews. I guess the question on most people's mind is 'How are they like?'. Well, they are really humans - just like every other professions. The first batched interviewed see mostly very down to earth people (will share more on this once the whole interview process is done).

I'm lucky to be able to form a small team of writers & a dedicated designer to assist me in the write-ups. And as I've mentioned, we are near halfway through, and many thanks must be credited to them.

There's still a fair bit more of work to get done, but things are moving and bit by bit the Malaysia Book will be revealed! :)


  1. hi, am wondering if you are a publisher yourself? i'm always interested in travel and writing related stuff. if there is a chance to participate in book publication, interviews or similar thing, would be a glad thing for me :)

  2. hi haan, my co. is on the lookout for any collaborations either on the current 50+1 Malaysia Book project or any future works. currently they include other publishing works & productions.

    we are open to new writers/ authors. do feel free to drop me an email themalaysiapage at gmail dot com.


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