Sunday, March 30, 2008

What Goes In?

"What makes a brand?" the first question I've been stucked to for a days. From what I know a brand is a recognisable name, not necessarily a company, but can even be a product. Simple.

But I needed more info, and checked out Interbrands, the most recognisable yearly list. This is the company that does the Top 100 Global Brands every year. Apparently, Interbrand evaluates brands much the way analysts value other assets: on the basis of how much they're likely to earn in the future. The projected profits are then discounted to a present value, taking into account the likelihood that those earnings will actually materialise (source: Businessweek).

In simple words, there is a value to the brand, and it's not merely a intangible.

The next question that came to my mind is "how about Malaysia's brands?" There are so many awards which were given out and one would be just blinded with the number of awards.

There is one participated by Interbrands as well - Malaysia's Most Valuable Brands by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents of Malaysia (4As). A few others worth metioning include the Brand Laureatte Award.

So, we thought with these many brand awards, it would have been easy to compile a list of 50+1 Malaysia Brands. Wrong!

Some of these awards not only award local brands but any brand that make a mark in Malaysia. That is not what we are looking for, as we want to promote Malaysia - in this case Malaysian brands.

Also, this book focus on the tourism-lifestyle-entertainment industries. The readers though could be businessmen, are most likely to be the average consumer.

So 2 more issues airsed. First, a lot of these awards attribute to a company instead of a product. That is an issue because people are more familiar with products than brands (just like whey P&G though huge is not in the Interbrands list).

Secondly, I wasn't too sure about putting in our big conglomerates which are successful, but too diversified to even be considered a brand.

On one hand, I say we put them in as then it will show what Malaysia is made of - these huge conglomerates, similarly to every other Asian country where the conglomerates do have a big pie in the country's economy.

However, on the other hand, these conglomerates' portfolios include manufacturing which may not be of interests of the readers.

So we did a lil survey to our target readers, and the answer is "No, don't put them in - I'm not interested". Basically the main reason is because it's not related to them. They would only want to know things which relate to them - consumer related products & services.

Finally, after 3 days of research the question "What type of brands goes into the 50+1 Malaysia Brands segment" is cleared.

The next step is of course the list itself. And that one is what we are still working on, as now it is a fresh list, and we can't base it on the awards given out previously. We've listed a few industries for the start - F&B, hotels & resorts, spa, fashion & retail.

*Hope I didn't bore you with the brand details in the start. Well if I did, then it really proves that the 50+1 Brands list has to be less heavy like our conclusion! :)


  1. recently im reading a book by willson lim. he mentions that some products which made in china which selling at let say RM10, but when put up a brand to it(e.g NIKE), it later can be sell at let say RM300 in the market.

  2. hey that's so true. i know of a friend who does for the big brands, and the same stuff is priced differently by diff companies - and like u said, by how big their brands! lol.

  3. Hi! Still need to say that:"All the for The 50+1 Malaysia Book!"
    You got our support!
    Thanks. :)

  4. heya robo. many thanks... steady-lah :)


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