Monday, March 31, 2008

I Shouldn't Have, But...

It's a busy period for me - this 50+1 Malaysia book project I'm working on really needs lots of attention. But the past few days, I've been doing somethings quite different from it. This obviously delays the project a lil, but I just can't help it... What got me distracted:

1. Check for computer courses
I mentioned to a fellow blogger, BB, that I have a few other projects in the pipeline - mainly to do with the internet.

Initially when I was introduced to html & ftp in 2005, I was very reluctant to learn it. Because then, internet was not part of the business, but mainly a compliment - just like how every company needs a website.

However, because IT will now be a main part of the business, I will need to know & understand it myself. I forsee IT taking centrestage or play a big role in the business.

I asked around, and also google some courses - mainly short courses offered by schools & intuitutions. The outcome: buy a book and learn online.

Time spent: half a day & 1 night.

2. Conceptualising more ideas
There's always this period of time when some new idea gets into my head, and this is one of the times.

I've rushed into some of the ideas before, without much understanding, and lots of learning to catch up. This time round, I want to plan it proper.

So quite a fair bit of time is done formulating, browsing, searching, and back to formulating. The idea seems to be shaping up, but can only work with me having the IT skills above.

Time spent: many nights & in betweens.

3. Watch DVD
Because of so much thinking, it gets hard to sleep! It was 1am yesterday and I was still wide awake - the head a lil spinning. I needed to cool down my thoughts.

Sometimes, I might have gone online, but I knew better for that would only make me be more alert, & the head will just spin more!

So, I popped in this Korean drama series which I bought like 1/2 year ago and have yet to watch. At least it has to do with my future ambition on productions - so it's not a time waster. Though it maybe a lil eerie watching a dracula show at 1am. Luckily, it's not a horror flick! (that's what I get when I buy DVDs by its cover lol).

Time spent: 1 hour.

freeze,korean dvd
Should have known this glass is actually filled with blood, not wine.

4. Going for shoots
First it was Jack Neo's MNE2 (Money No Enough 2). Well, like I mentioned, I had wanted to experience a movie production. Good excuse right lol.

Now just to share my 'discipline side'... So since I've done it, I actually rejected another day's shoot a few days after because of time factor & the "did that. done that". In fact, I've been rejecting quite a few offers especially from MediaCorp - especially as they are not big roles. It just is 'Money No Enough One'.

But mention modeling, and my ears perk up a lil more. The reason is because modeling is a lil easier to do comparatively - just say 'cheese'! And the 'money is enough'. And especially when time is tight, this is a better take, as it usually don't require that much time.

So, when I had a shoot on Friday, I took it. Nice & I learnt a bit on the productions as well, but the this was my longest one - nearly 12 nonstop hours! I was literally knocked out the next day!

Time spent: 2 full days + 1 knock-out day.

5. Editing my websites
Some of my old websites need to be updated a lil. It has been weeks now since the thought crossed my mine.

Somehow today, I just on the computer and said 'Let's Do It'. There is no makeover yet - which I think they need one. But even then, and a lil tweak here and there took me the whole day and I'm still on it! (admit I'm slow at html lol - back to no. 1).

Time spent: 1 full day so far.

6. Blogging
My journey in blogging is a slow one. Although this blog is 1.5 years old now, I've never really been so intrigued by it till my fellow blogger friend, StormWhistle started his. He is much more serious at it and has many good useful tips, some shared on his blog.

I then took an interest on blogging more seriously after experiencing the joys of blogging. I must admit, it is like an addiction! - but doesn't need to be cured, only that it does take a bit of time.

And that is why, I'm here tonight to blog :)

Time spent: 1 - many many hours a day & still counting.

I shouldn't have, but... :)


  1. I have tagged you :)You really got a long list of Questions

  2. hey that's cool. i didnt start it off lah haha. blame the one who started it :)


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