Friday, September 30, 2011

Finally, I Can Play The Piano!

Oh yeah, I can play the piano! See the video below to believe me! Haha!


 This video is actually taken on my 1st day of piano lesson yesterday! It's such a raw start I know.. but what a happy feeling!

 This has been something that I've wanted to learn for such a long time now.. something I feel 'handicapped' for not learning it while much younger in my teens. We didn't come from a music based family :(

 Even in my early working life, I didn't learn the piano - I was too busy with business at that time to have any of such 'learning' hobbies.

 But now - that seems just like the right time.. yeah, the desire to learn is so strong that I have found time for it now! For I want to be able to compose some songs - commercially, if possible. And get a better sense of music.

These is all part of my interests in the media, which of course, I hope to get into more. And so for the start, this is my first baby step on piano learning... which adds on to me learning dancing & Mandarin :)


  1. Learn the piano well and swoon the ladies off their feet!

  2. i know little of the keyboard/piano only.. but how i wish i could play like those pro.. too bad wasn't trained when was young, oh wait.. i think i was lazy.. :P


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