Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mando Time!

I am a student.. all over again. While, I'm not enrolling into any study course full time.. but I am taking quite a fair bit of lessons - be it weekly classes or online.

And one of the lessons I'm learning is... Mandarin!

study mandarin
I've been going for Mando classes every once a week now at YMCA KL.

This is not all new to me (I've gone for Mando classes before), but the difference is this class emphasis a lil bit more on writing those Chinese characters.

I must say I am still no pro... instead still very very ameteur-ish actually. But this weekly routine kinda keeps me disciplined in some ways to study, study & study - like it or not.

The teacher is not too bad. We learnt lessons from the book, but he throws in a fair bit of ancient Chinese poems and even a song too which is this famous Chinese song: 月亮代表我的心 (the moon represents my heart).

To further enhance my Mandarin, I log on to, an online site with pretty cool lessons which they break down into a few levels (eg Beginner, Intermediate, Advance).

What I like from this online course is mainly the dialogue which is interesting, and suitable for adults ie not just classroom greetings, but conversations that I use in daily life (eg going to the gym, pick up lines - ehem, ehem, etc etc).

Also the 'teachers' have very clear voice especially the lady teacher, Jenny. And together with her ang moh partner, John, they make a good teacher pair.

There is also the PDF versions of the lessons with both pinyin & Mandarin characters which makes it easier to learn.

Oh btw, why Mandarin? Well.. my answer is this. The face is Chinese. The eyes are sepet (squinted). And no matter where I go, I'm regarded as Chinese (if not Korean or Jap that is).

And besides, it will come in handy someday or rather - especially with all the dreams & ambitions I have. Cos no matter how Western influenced I am, the fact is people in the industry will still look back to having the ability to use Mandarin one way or rather.

And so, Mando classes I go & Mando lessons I learn! :)


  1. Wow so rajin! we never stop learning right? ^^ I like learning languages too, French, Spanish, Jap but all half pail lols...luckily though I cant write in chinese I can speak 3 dialects... JIA YOU JIA YOU!

  2. It is an advantage to learn an extra language esp Mandarin or Mando as u mentioned... China is expanding their market now and it is progressing very fast indeed.. I heard from a bank officer recently.. she told me that the china currency might replace USD very soon :)

  3. i only learned to speak basic mandarin back in uni.. reading and writing cannot :)

  4. next time i wont speak english with u, i speak mandarin k?? :p

  5. hahhaa, thank goodness, my parent let me learn Mandarin since young~
    nxt time, when u hv children, force them to learn. I think they will be grateful ^^

    Anyway, loving ur determination! say yes to Mandarin!


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