Monday, August 08, 2011

Dear Santa: Lazy Boy Chair

Dear Santa

I'm suppose to take a few days off blogging. But then, this came to mind, and I just have got to share it.

I know I've wrote to you bout my 1st Christmas wish on the Final Fantasy figurine. That - I still want for Christmas.

But today, I want to write to you about another 'toy' that I'd like to have this Christmas - the Lazy Boy Chair!

lazy boy chair

I first had my first Lazy Boy Chair experience in the Philippines. A friend recommended me to try the cinema there with this luxury experience. The chairs were the lazy boy chairs... and there were free flow of popcorn & drinks too.

I tried this again in Jakarta and also back here in Kay El's cinema - minus the free flow. And I must say - I'm so loving it.

It feels so good to lay on the chair.. having my Happy Feet up, and just watch the big screen. I was like on a floating cloud. Pure luxury & pamper. That was bliss.

Then the other day, while walking at the mall, I saw the Lazy Boy Chair on display. And I thought to myself that - hey I don't need to just be at the cinema to enjoy life. I could do this back home. So I said to myself that that is oh-so-what I want! Hence this letter to you, Santa!

lazy boy chair
Well, it wasn't this that I saw at the mall.. it didn't come with the girl. It would be nice if you could package them together in the present box though.
But in any case, if you can't, then just get that Lazy Boy Chair for me. The girls - they will come when the chair comes.

So, Father Christmas please reward a 'good' boy like me! For you will not only make me happy, but a bunch full of others too!

*Btw, if you get that chair, I promise you that I'll allow you to use it whenever you deliver presents to my home!


PS: Do u need my address?


  1. lazy boy chair? can it be called 'lazy gal chair'? :)

  2. it is definitely nice if the package comes with the girl :P


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