Sunday, August 14, 2011

What's Your (INspiring) Story: Rames Harikrishnasamy & Digital Art

I have always loved the online world.. one of the reasons is for the power of how we can connect to nearly anyone & everyone out there.

There are many 'strangers' whom I got to know via online - who have sinced turned out to be friends. And along the way, as I know them better, I know their potential & talents too.

Sometimes, it's the other way around - where I know their talents first, then know the person better. This is the case for Rames. I've been seeing his works on some social media sites - especially on Instagram. I like his drawings & designs of superhero logos & characters (see the Batman logo below!), and that made me find out more about the person behind it & his works. Truly, I am amazed!

Then of course, I had to invite him to be part of this series. And without much further ado, here is Rames, and his story.

rames harikrishanasamy

From Business Student to Art Director/ Digital Artist.

It’s all started when I was still in college. That time I was studying in Diploma in Information Technology in Binary College. Even though my passion was more towards design, IT on the other hand was more in demand during early 2000. Moreover, design courses was much more expensive compared to IT.

These kind of ‘forced’ me to take the IT course and I studied for 1-2 years. Every time, I’m done with college, I will rush back home and start exploring my hobby + passion towards design.

rames mini cooper

I first started to register with Geocities (its absolute now) and setup a mini website about me. I opened up Photoshop & Flash without knowing how to operate it and start digging it. It took me 1-3 years to really master these softwares and I was still studying hard for my business classes.

After graduating in Bachelor of Science in Applied Business Computing, I applied for a few jobs and managed to get 2-3 replied from different sorts of companies. The funny thing is it got nothing to do with what I’ve studied because I applied for “Web Designer” post. I’ve no certificates on these fields except for the portfolio that I have - some design mocks/sites I’ve designed using Dreamweaver and Flash.

rames, artwork

I was hired by foreign company, which deals with SAP consultation services and got to work there for 3 years before getting an offer from Astro. It’s totally different environment compared to the consulting company. Here, I worked with a team and each has their own specialties when it comes to design. Definitely challenging at first, but after some times I manage to coup up with the rest.

rames, iron man

Now, it has been 7 amazing years since I’ve joined Astro. From Web Designer to Multimedia Specialist to Art Director. Long process but I’ve learned a lot. Not only on design’s perspective but also on how to interact with colleagues, solving problems, find alternative solutions and so on.

rames the guardian

Up to date, I’ve done over hundreds of artworks. That consists of web design, print, vector artwork, photo manipulation and graphic design.

rames, batman logo

There are many types of artwork out there. What interest me the most are photo manipulation and vector artwork. Such artwork requires very good imagination to manipulate images. It helps me to train my brain from different sorts of angle as well as sharpen my skills (how to tweak the color balance, image positioning etc). 

Different artist can come up with various final artwork from one reference photo. Vector artwork is a very interesting artwork & it takes longer time to work on compared to Photo Manipulation. The Batman logo is a sample of one of my recent artwork.

rames, you can fly

Thanks for spending your valuable time reading my story. Hope it’s inspiring and helpful in any way.

Last but not least, Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

*Rames artwork can be found at Rames Studio. His photography shots can be found at: Rames Photography.


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