Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Song For Another Short Video

Recently did 2 short videos for the Berjaya Youth short film competition, with some friends. This 2nd video also falls under the inspiring category.. and we aptly name it.. Teh Tarik 1.01: Life Isn't So Bad After All.

Thought we'd give it a twist with the name with Nasi Lemak having that 2.0 behind it Hahaha!

 The song for this video was chosen to be upbeat, somewhat rather preppy to suit with the whole theme of the short film.

Interlude (Teh Tarik 1.01: Life Isn't So Bad After All) 
Song composed by Bensabenteuer

 *Our first song for the 1st video is at: Inspiring Song (For An Inspiring Short Film).

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