Friday, September 09, 2011

A Lil Random: The Lil Happy Moments (For A Heavy Week)

Busy & challenging. That's the week so far.. both on work & also on the productions. Am planning to do some short videos/ film for a competition :)

However, as heavy it is, the week seems not too bad after all.. Well, Hooray to the lil joys in life.. & the pictures remembering the moments! :)

milo dinosaur
This is Milo dinosaur.. a drink I had after a rather heavy telephone call with someone who I think is somewhat misguided, selfish & rather rude. Anyway, that aside, this hearty drink did the magic - cooling me down. 

Have u tried this drink? I was surprised that some of my Kay El/ Pea Jay friends didn't know bout it. It really is a must try! :)

pork rib noodle lunch
This was my lunch on Tuesday. I was at this area called Taman Gembira. Now, interestingly, this place is not to be mistaken as its translation Happy Gardens, which is actually the area opposite it. 

Btw, I like the area here - the road names & also the shop names are all very Smurf like.. like Happy Coffeeshop, Jalan Sukacita, Jalan Selesa etc etc. Soothing names - especially for the city!

Btw, yeah, I was happy (gembira!) having this pork rib noodles at a restaurant there :)

self photo stamp
This is a stamp from an wedding invitation card I received. It's from my friends who are gonna get married - like next week! 

While I've seen this (the self photo made into stamp) around for quite a while now, but it's nice to receive it from someone I know. I guess it's also my 1st stamp of such :)

cha time

On Wednesday, while in between meetings, I decided to go try this Chatime.. and see what's the hype all about. I was recommended the red bean with pearls. Now, I know what's with the long queue. The tea was yummy, and the pearls were too - the right munchy feeling when chewing. 

I guess I'll be a fan - well, till the pearl milk tea bubble explodes, just like it did 10 years ago. Haha!

dinner, eggs, mushroom, sausage
Oh, and on Wednesday - I tried some cooking too! It has been ages sinced I really cooked.. used to do it more often during my uni days. Ahh, the memories! Anyway, I had this not for breakfast, but dinner! 

And I'd like to caption this photo as - "best things come in pairs!" :) 2 sunny side ups - the way I like eggs cooked, the huge juicy portobello mushrooms, and fresh homemade sausages!

Well, I guess in between all the heavy stuff for the week, I did manage to squeeze some happy moments.. and like most cases, it always brings joy looking back. 

The week is still a fair bit more to go.. and I just hope to create more happy moments - big or small! May you too! :)

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