Thursday, November 05, 2009

From Friends To Heroes

One of the few things I look forward each day apart from visioning my dreams is watching drama series.

Actually, it has been a very long time since I watched drama series... it was only recently I started watching & at times rewatching Friends. The last time I was hooked to drama series would be watching Friends itself during the university days. But even then, I wasn't following up with the show weekly.

But now, I can proudly say I've covered Friends in full from Season 1 to the finale in Season 10!

As much as I wished there is Season 11, but well I have to move on (and life goes on? lol). Anyway, I don't think rewatcing it anytime soon is a good idea... especially not when I need to see what's popular in the media hub of the world - Hollywood.

Then, I have heard of Heroes - and I thought it does look appealing. So, I bought my first Heroes DVD box set this year! (I know it's now already Season 4 and here I am just finished watching Season 1... there sure is lots to catch up with USA media!).

I find the whole Heroes concept very cool. Superpowers & superheroes have always been cool plus the fact that Heroes do have quite an interesting storyline & characters. I particularly like the double character of Niki-Jessica & also the current Hiro-future Hiro, who I think both acted very well showing very different characters despite being the same person. Overall, very creative I must say.

However, I'm not sure if it's because of tiredness or late hours, but at times I do fall asleep while watching Heroes. Some friends say they are confused on Heroes, while some say there's a lot of talking. I find the jumping of scenes makes the show not a very smooth watch.

But still, for it's high USA ratings, I think 'it's my duty' as someone in the media industry to watch the series... just like the Heroes have a mission "Save the cheerleader, save the world". hehe :)


  1. I have only watched a few episodes of this series. Yeah! It makes me wanan have superpowers after watching it. :D

  2. I watched this on and off. Now don't know what's happening because didn't follow the storyline.

  3. You finished the entire 10 seasons of Friends? Wow! I have to admit I did watch them but could have missed some episodes. Astro is now rerunning this show - a few episodes at one good, which is just great.

    Astro is also rerunning Sex and the City which is super-fine with me as I love both these shows.

    I used to watch Heroes but gave up. I find it rather boring. Oops!

    QC, you're right that it's your duty to watch as you're now in this line. I'm sure they'll give you some ideas. Enjoy then..


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