Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dreaming Of A White Christmas

It's the time of that year once again... where the happy & merry mood takes place.

And this is really the time for holidays especially with the 2 long weekends ahead (Christmas & New Year).

dreaming of a white christmas

I was tempted to go to somewhere cold this year, especially after experiencing such cool weather in Shanghai last year. And the fact that it snowed in Beijing this year!

But then, unless I take a long holiday, even the long weekends don't make it so possible. And that's something I can't do this time round due to work commitments.

But that is fine with me. I'll most likely spend some time at the malls - that at least gets me closest to the cold if not white Christmas haha.

How bout you? Have you made any holiday plans? :)


  1. No plans! Maybe I'll just drive up to Genting or Cameron Highlands for the cold weather! Haha!

  2. I believe I can't stand the temperature of the White Christmas, haha! Even I Love cold, but I think the easier way is to visit Cameron Highland again! :)

  3. come to frankfurt... i will bring you to nürnberg(germany) one of the famous christmas markets here in europe... and probably also i will go snowboarding in switzerland with my Japanese friends ö

  4. yes I always dream of a white X'mas, however, on the second thought that I have to bear with the very cold weather and short daylight, I still have not fulfilled that dream yet!

  5. qc, try europe! what about berlin? :) how i wish!

  6. Very very tempting..I wish I can go somewhere cold too...

    but I guess i have to do it in Msia then

  7. If you like a cold Christmas, Gentings would be a better choice than Camerons because at this time of the year, it's going to be a wet Christmas in Camerons (landslides and all, possibly).

    KL malls are great places to while away some time too what with the nice Christmassy decor and all. Pavilion and 1U have nice decor esp Pavilion with the illusion of snow.

    Are you based in KL now?

  8. you have highlands there that you can visit...definitely cold there.


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