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Shanghai Budget Hotel

Shanghai Budget Hotel

In my Shanghai China trip, I've stayed in so many hotels. With a rather long stay, I wanted to stay at hotels with decent budgets, yet comfortable.

Here is my list of the budget & rather cheap/ affordable hotels I stayed in Shanghai.

Uhome Inn
No.32 Gu Jin Road
Xuhui District
shanghai budget hotel, uhome inn, loungeI was interested in this budget Shanghai hotel because of its description on its website - stating it as quite a trendy, yet an affordable place to stay.

shanghai budget hotel, uhome inn, fireplaceWell, walking into the small hotel's lounge area, yes, it do have that trendy look and feel to it, even with a real fireplace!

shanghai budget hotel, uhome inn, bathroomI thought that the toilet looks quite good too! (basic, but see, they do try to make it look nice!)

shanghai budget hotel, uhome inn, room, queen bedThe room is not bad too for the price.

shanghai budget hotel, uhome inn, room, deskAnd like all hotel rooms that I stayed in Shanghai, it came with a TV. However, for this, the funny shaped desk was a lil small.

Now, the question would be why didn't I continue to stay here throughout, after coming back again to Shanghai. Well, firstly, the location is quite far from the city centre.

And secondly, the staffs here were quite of contrasts. While one helped me with my purchase of train ticket, the lady at the reception was the rude Shanghainese who put no effort to please the customer.

Price: 200 yuan/ night
My rating: 2.5 stars (mainly for its interior)

Jiu Long Hotel Jin Jiang
When I came back, I thought I'll try a higher grade Shanghai hotel. Though this is not really a cheap hotel, and I had to pay more than an average budget/ cheap hotel, but I booked it because it stated it had some promotions on the website.

And it also mentioned location was 1km from the bund - which at first I thought was near - wrong! (unless one like to walk in the dark cold streets to the bund at night).

Think a typical 4 star China self rated hotel - and all the hotel problems with it.

Price: 340 yuan/ night
My rating: 0.5 (too much problems, and not worth the price).

Motel 168
shanghai budget hotel, motel 168So, the following day, I checked into this hotel with its huge chain of motels all over China. I booked my room through their telephone network booking system, which was quite efficient.

This time, I chose the hotel which was nearer to the city centre.

shanghai budget hotel, motel 168, room deskActually, motel 168 stands for 168 yuan/ night, but they mentioned that that range rooms are fully sold out. So, I have to take the more expensive one (sometimes, I wonder if it's just a gimmick).

shanghai budget hotel, motel 168, room, twin bedAnyway, the hotel lobby looks quite decent, and so does the room. In fact, it looks so much better in pictures!

I have to agree with the receptionist that the room is one of the larger ones in Shanghai within the budget hotels.

However, again, I only put a night here, mainly because they didn't separate between smoking and non smoking rooms. This made my eyes red, and I felt rather uncomfortable.

Also, this motel like feel hotel is a lil uncomfortable, as I felt a lil unsafe (for my things).

Price: 198 yuan/ night
My rating: 2.0 - thumbs up for spacious room, and near distance to subway.

Le Tour Traveler's Rest
Bldg. 36, 319 Jiaozhou Road
JingAn District
shanghai budget hotel, le tour travelers rest, receptionSo, my next hotel came about... in fact, I've been 'eyeing' this hotel for a while, but so hesitant because it came under the label as a hostel, but which also provided single rooms.

shanghai budget hotel, le tour travelers rest, reading roomAt first glance, it really does look like a hostel hostel, with reading room and all. In fact, it also has ping pong tables!

shanghai budget hotel, le tour travelers rest, room, queen bedBut despite this being a hostel, it does provide a sense of warmth and coziness, making up for the a bit smaller and rather cram room.

shanghai budget hotel, le tour travelers rest, deskAnd it is here that I finally decided to spend my other 5 nights in Shanghai. The only problem was that I didn't know that there was a 'shooter' at the top of the window, which I left open for 3 nights - and made me had restless cold sleeps! (-2 degrees!).

But despite that, this hostel/ hotel in Jing An district is really the best - with so many different eateries nearby, plus even a fair bit of shops... and most of all, with the Shanghai metro just within a decent walking distance (and the station just a few stops away from the city central).

shanghai budget hotel, le tour travelers restAnd the night before I left the hostel, I tried what the other hostels people do - write on the wall with chalk. Guess you know what I wrote. Haha! :)

Price: 200 yuan/ night
My rating: 4.0 - will definitely consider this when going back.

*Some Shanghai hotels have different rates for twin beds and queen beds. Some are higher for twins, and some are the othe way round. It's best to check before booking.

Coming up next: my other budget hotel stays in the other cities in China. I sure did some hotel hopping!  :)



  1. we define 'budget' differently. my 'budget' is about RM20-30 per person maximum :)

  2. 50 + 1 malaysia! haha

    usually i dont really mind bout where i'm staying at when travelling cuz.. i'm only going to be in the room like late at night just to sleep and going to go out early hehe

    the hostel really looks comfortable! haha

  3. Budget hotels are undoubtedly easier on the pocket, while offering a rather comfortable stay.

  4. @haan
    can we get a room like that if 1 person? i know dormitories are cheaper though :)

    @adila, life-ramblings
    agree with you both. no need to pay expensive hotels, unless we are there to relax (eg in a resort).

    and this is so true when i travel with some friends who like to shop day to night! haha

  5. Wahh.. Promoting Malaysia.. Cool :D

  6. @ahlost
    lol. thanks! somehow its in the blood! :)

  7. I read several entries from your blog and enjoyed them all. Thanks for being very informative. I found your blog because I was researching on Macau but ended up reading a lot of your other entries. I'm sure I'll be back... :-)


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