Saturday, November 11, 2006


I was talking to someone recently and he mentioned that "I don't plan to do Big Big things...". He was giving me examples like he doesn't need to be the CEO or Chairman of the company but will be happy to be able to contribute as an employee.

Although some of my close friends know that when I want to do something, I normally mean Big things, but that's just me... my nature that I like mega stuffs :) But, that's just me, and not everyone needs to be the same.

I totally agree that we need not be creating big things, or being in high positions. For me, more importantly is to do what the heart desires. We can just be who we want to be. For example in our career, if we find that being an engineer, an accountant, or IT specialist is what we like, then choose that path.

Or if we like to meet people and like to be a waiter, then be one. During my uni days, I was a waiter, and I enjoyed meeting lots of different people. And I know of a few waiters/ waitresses who are happy with what they are doing - and they are rewarded fairly well for that.

Once we have chosen our career choice, the next thing is to put our whole heart into it and to do our BEST in it. That means, constant updating of what we are doing, learning new things, etc. You need not aim to be the best engineer in town, but at least a good engineer - someone who is happy at his job and hence producing good results.

And being our best applies to every other aspect of our life too - as a son/ daugther, father/ mother, friend, cleric, etc.

Our life is really up to us to decide - there are options everywhere. And when we have chosen our path, le'ts Be Our BEST!

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