Monday, November 20, 2006

Remain Focused

Sometimes there are moments when I feel that doing something else seems so much easier. These challenging moments can be quite disillusioning...

In every journey we take, there tend to be obstacles - big and small all along the pathways. If not careful, they can really put a stop in our quest to achieve our goals.

But, the main thing in life, is to not loose focus, and to just continue to persevere. That doesn't mean we keep on doing something which will not work, but to adjust accordingly to make them work, and succeed.

We can still divert/ diversify in other things (like add-ons), but not to forget that our main goal is still the main drive.

Along the way, we will be recognised for our works, and the returns will come eventually... and these pat on the backs will just remind us of continuing our journey and to remain focused.

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