Thursday, November 23, 2006

GROW & GLOW with the FLOW

There are many times when I meet so many people who complain about the obstacles or the negative points they face or will face on certain matters should they embark on something (like starting a new business, a new career switch, a new phase of life eg. marriage).

During my course in business so far, I've learnt that we shouldn't be bugged down by these obstacles, but instead look at ways that we can do something to compliment them, rather then figthing against them.

For example, many people are saying that goods from China and India are too cheap, or that they are not qualified (haven't learnt the trade, etc). There are also times whereby new products find it difficult because they are fighting against the market forces.

Rather than to whine, it is actually better to think of ways that we can find a solution into these problems. For example, if China is cheap, then maybe how about looking into getting labour from there? And outsourcing to India which many MNCs has done?

And if we are not qualified in certain aspects to do something, we can start by asking around. As for the market forces, why not do things/ products/ services that compliment then to fight against it? Maybe do some revision in the product or marketing to it?

All said, it's just about going with the flow.. and with that I'm sure we will GROW & GLOW!

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