Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wolverine Vs BearMan (Video And Behind The Scenes)

X-men. Oh how I love the movie. So much so that I actually watched it twice! 

And of course, my favourite character from the movie is non other than Wolverine. His quirkiness and macho-ness.. makes him one of my top 3 favourite superheroes!

And so for my latest video, I decided to "cosplay" Wolverine. 

I first got my hair cut with my regular stylist. And I simply mentioned to him.. that this time, it's gonna be Wolverine style. I actually kinda like my Wolverine hair :P

The rest of the costume was fairly easy - I have a black jacket. So I only rented the claws and belt. Oh and for the beard, I got it at one of those knick knack costume party shops in Plaza Low Yat. 

Did a bit of trimming to the beard.. and voila! I became Wolverine! :P

And to make it interesting, I also introduce a "character" that I kinda create myself, BearMan.

This is the average, "bear-next-door".. a regular, just like most superheroes who conceal their superpowers. But of course, the BearMan likes more stuff than the average guy. 

Power wise, well.. he is rather powerful for he gets whatever he wants with the snap of his fingers. Call that magic. 

So well, I did the shoot in a couple of hours, and the video is titled.. Wolverine vs BearMan. And so without much further ado.. here it is!

I do hope you have a good laugh watching it!

*Oh and just to share, a friend of mine drew a "fanart" for me. Awww!

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